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About Us

Our team supports strategic thinking to keep City staff delivering great service.

Glendale Lean Six Sigma Team

The following City staff have been trained in Lean Six Sigma methodology, a toolkit for improving performance. They complement the IPA Team by bringing cross-departmental expertise to special projects across City departments.

City Attorney

Dorine Martirosian, Yvette Neukian

Code Enforcement Division

Rene Sada

Community Services & Parks

Karine Grigoryan, Sevag Garabetian, Koko Panossian

Police Department

Catherine Nguyen, AC Brogdon, Mary Gonzalez, Tracy McCollum, Angelina Shoemake

Fire Department

Anita Shandi, Julie Schaeffer

Housing Division

Nick Nie

Information Services Department

Irma Isayan

Glendale Water & Power

James Saenz, Miriam Padron

Planning Division

Cassandra Pruett

Public Works Department

Craig Hinckley, John Hicks

Team Philosophies

At IPA, we aim to create an environment where City staff feels comfortable in trying new things, is encouraged to think about the perspective of the community first, is motivated to reduce complexity and is inspired to share their work early with the ultimate goal of providing responsive services.

Okay to Fail
Design for the User
Keep it Simple
Share Early

West Coast Innovation Convening

The West Coast Innovation Convening was founded by the LA i-team to connect innovation departments in the region. By connecting industry leaders to a network of 80+ civic leaders, this initiative creates a forum to share best practices, facilitates connection, knowledge sharing and strengthens the innovation infrastructure to help advance government.


Long Beach

Los Angeles City

Los Angeles County



San Francisco

Santa Monica


West Hollywood


Partner Organizations

At IPA, we aim to instill a culture of learning and customer-centered thinking in City employees by partnering with strategic organizations. Our collaborations include:


Human Centered Design Training

Robert Burack, Brocade Studio, Harvard Ash Fellow

Providing City employees with a framework for designing services in a way that puts the human at the center vs. the organization.

Design Thinking Training

Marina Terteryan

Building and testing tools built on input from key stakeholders.

Behavioral Science Training

Behavioural Insights Team

Using insights from behavioral science to design and test City services and programs.

Startup In Residence

City Innovate

A national program that connects startups with government agencies to develop technology products that expeditiously solve civic challenges.


A design studio that works with cities, non-profits, and civic-minded leaders to communicate key messages to engage audiences.

Academic Partnerships

Each year IPA partners with different schools in southern California to tap into the fresh perspective of local talent while providing students with valuable public sector experience. These students help augment IPA’s work and leave with a solid body of work and valuable networks they can use to build their careers.


Pepperdine Fall 2017

Professor Thomas Lynch, Tamar Bezjian,Danielle Huguenard

CSULA Fall 2017

Professor Thomas Lynch, Edward Padilla, Luis Orendain


CSULA Fall 2018

Professor Thomas Lynch, Tanya Sanchez, Courtney Reddix, Michael Salazar, Priscilla Parks, Julie Chirino, Ronnie Ramirez, Gabriela Prince, Dalia Ulloa, Susana Lopez

CSULA Spring 2019

Professor Thomas Lynch, Michael Earl, Primitiva Vidal, Licia Villalta