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Our Audit work independently assesses and reports on City operations to promote transparency and accountability.

We bring a systematic approach to improve the City’s governance, risk management, and internal controls.

Audit Recommendations

Our audit work produces value added recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness based on in-depth data driven analysis. Recommendations are categorized by priority and impact. Innovation opportunities are flagged in audit reports for further action by the innovation team at the request of the audit client.

Impact Areas

Reduce Risk

Minimize financial, compliance, operational or strategic risks

Increase Compliance

Adhere to laws, regulations, policies or procedures.

Increase Efficiency

Save time in conducting City business.

Reduce Costs

Lower costs in conducting City business.

4 Recommendations
September 25, 2019

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements Audit Audit

An assessment of controls to address the risks related to selecting and utilizing cooperative agreements.

  • 4 Reduce
  • 3 Increase
  • 3 Increase
  • 1 Reduce
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7 Recommendations
March 26, 2019

Police Property Room Audit

An examination of controls in place to ensure property is properly recorded, packaged, safeguarded, and disposed of in the Police Property Room.

  • 7 Reduce
  • 4 Increase
  • 3 Increase
  • 1 Innovation
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11 Recommendations
December 31, 2018

Administrative Citations Audit

An assessment of the effectiveness of Glendale’s Administrative Citation Process as a code enforcement tool.

  • 11 Reduce
  • 10 Increase
  • 6 Increase
  • 1 Innovation
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Audit Innovations

Internal Audit embarks on efforts that demonstrate continuous improvement.

Redesigned Reports

A redesigned Audit Report that focuses on the user and makes our audits more engaging.

Paperless Meetings

Paperless audit committee meetings that aim to save the City time and resources spent on printing and assembling report printouts.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a five member commission of community members appointed by City Council. The Committee reviews financial information and provides independent recommendations to City Council about the scope, areas of audit, and priorities.


Continuous Auditing

Continuous auditing uses automated error checking algorithms on raw data to identify red flags on a near real-time basis

City Fraud Hotline Number

The City Fraud Hotline Number is used to report suspected incidents of fraud, waste, abuse and inappropriate employee behavior.

If you are aware of any information indicating that someone in the organization is violating the law or City policy, please call:
1-844-703-1791 Available 24 hours a day
365 days a year.
All calls are confidential.

About Our Work

“Having to put a complex ratio calculation tool together was a daunting task for our staff. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. The IPA team worked closely with us to produce a product our team felt comfortable using. With the IPA team, we have in-house support that we completely trust to represent our interests professionally.”

Maggie Kavarian MPA
Senior Community Services Supervisor