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Glendale IPA is a city department that finds new ways to deliver great service to the City.

Our mission is to collaboratively solve City challenges through research, data and design.

The IPA Model

The IPA Model

We create sustainable solutions and measurable success with our model.

Innovation, Performance and Audit work in concert to create evidence based solutions and measurable success.

Our Recent Work

Featured Project

Glendale on the Global Map

Glendale's IPA makes Bloomberg & OECD's global map of civic innovators.

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Innovation projects improve efficiencies of city government work to save taxpayer dollars.

Featured Council Priority

Fiscal Responsibility

Conduct the City’s financial affairs in a prudent and responsible manner to ensure adequate resources are available to meet current obligations and long-term stability.

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Performance metrics track and report progress toward city council priorities in a meaningful way.

Featured Audit

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

An assessment of controls to address the risks related to selecting and utilizing cooperative agreements.

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Audit reports create an actionable plan for improvements to City operations based on in-depth analysis.

About Our Team

Since 2012, the City of Glendale has dramatically reduced staffing and spending. Our department was established to help City staff maintain exceptional service with reduced resources.